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Don't see your question here? Ask me anything!

That's the beauty of virtual assistant work. You're not limited by who is in your surrounding area, instead, you can work with whoever you think will best understand your business needs.

I work with people all over the world. My workflows ensure that you won't even notice that we aren't in the same city and don't worry, I'll always make sure we have time to connect regardless of any time zone differences!

Some of my clients even prefer being on completely opposite sides of the world - imagine sending a task and waking up in the morning and it's already done!


Running a business can be overwhelming, and even though we all like to think we can do everything on our own, the truth is a little bit of help goes a long way!

By hiring a Virtual Assistant you'll save so much time, you'll be able to hand over the tasks that just take you far too long, and you'll be able to really focus on the aspects of your business that you'll love. 

It's much easier to hire a Virtual Assistant over a full-time employee. You don't need to worry about all the additional costs such as office space, equipment, healthcare and employee benefits. Got a quiet month? No problem! Don't book any VA hours that month!

I love doing lots of different things. It makes my day so much more interesting. One day I'm writing blog posts, the next day I'm building an online store. Which means I never get bored of my work!

I've been running my own online businesses for over 5 years, and almost all of that was completely on my own.  Which means, I had to figure how to do it all myself. I love to learn. I am constantly doing courses and developing my skills further.  I don't claim to be an expert at everything. But my background in marketing and web design coupled with my love of blogging provided me with a strong background in all things virtual assistance. 

I'm mainly based in Dubai, so if you happen to be in the UAE as well, absolutely! Otherwise, probably not. But if I'm every passing through your city I'd love to pop in and say hi!

But don't worry, we will definitely jump on calls and video chats throughout.

Absolutely, I take client confidentiality very seriously.  I can sign a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement if required, and I always comply with the Data Protection Act.

I use a password manager to receive my clients' passwords which means I never see your actual password.

For all my virtual assistant packages I use a software to track all my hours. You'll get a detailed breakdown of everything I've done over the month. The hours are deducted exactly as I use them, so if a task only takes 3 minutes, I'll only deduct 3 minutes!

Right away! Drop me a message and we can get in touch and see how I can best help you!

Are you ready to take the next step?

Let's work together to create something amazing, and elevate your business to it's full potential!


“Alice literally changed my life and my business in 10 hours.”

Karida Griffith

“Alice was brilliant. She is extremely competent, personable and approachable as well as creative and efficient - everything you need for web development!”

Victoria Hepworth

Corporate Affair

“Alice is an absolute tech wizard. She's there whenever I need her, and always gets the job done quickly. I'd be lost without her!”

Elly Clarke

Bridal Souq
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